Exploitation of Migrant Women Workers


Artículo: RESOLUTION13-ExploitationofMigrantWo.pdf

Dear all,
Today (18 December 2007) is International Migration day.  It's a good day to remind you that at Luzern Congress in June 2005, a resolution to address the issue of "Exploitation of migrant women workers" was passed. This resolution was carried unaminously with 130 votes in favour.   Please see the text of this resolution in the attached file.
If your club or federation works on this issue, it would be great if you could share some of your activities and success with other BPW affiliates. We can post your projects / activitie on BPW International web site.  We would also select some speakers for a workshop on "Women and International Migration" at the XXVI BPW International Congress in Mexico City based on the selected reports from BPW Affiliates.
If you want to learn more about Women and Migration, please see below -  the executive summary of UNFPA's State of World 2006 report on      "A Passage of Hope: Women and International Migration".  You can also download the full publication from www.unfpa.org/swp/2006/pdf/en_sowp06.pdf.   Another report that worth reading is called "MOVING YOUNG" (located at www.unfpa.org/swp/2006/ ) . This report gives an overview and case studies to illustrate why young people are motivated to move other cities and abroad, along with the risks and the obstacles that they face.  UNFPA information are available in French, Spanish and English. 
                                                       Warm regards,
                                                       Chonchanok Viravan (Nok)
                                                       BPW International President