program developement: a recomended compiler for making 2d and 3d video games. Very easy to use. - another great compiler - great site ,with great developer programs ,and a decated group of people behind the fourms InstallShield creator program. A compiler that makes video games and websites without typing code!

 Must have programs: - A program designed to recover deleted files! Try it, it really works, and best of all it is compelety free, no strings attached! Another undeleter"Cleans up" your computer to improve its speed and perfermance. - an image to text convertor. In other words it makes your images into text images made out of letters! - has a really cool voice cloaker - great alternative to MS paint

download sites: - Free file hosting for open source projects a site with a bunch of freeware and shareware - lots of downloads - another site with millions of programs thousands (maybe even millions) of sound fx - get free file hosting!

 Other Developers: - The Click Team Corel Inc. UbiSoft StarDock Has some very cool stuff

random stuff:  they aren't gonna help you make a video game! I love this game! windows is soooo much cooler than this!!  great game music A more flexable way to draw on your computer... He has a very good gallery Just like wal-mart but it sells spy stuff