all the following require direct x7 to play , Windows 98 or better ,and some games need something that can exectract a *.zip. (some other games are saved as a self-exectracting *.exe)


Coco Chat

A chat program that communicates across only one computer... Ideal for libaries,  home networks, internet cafees, or just a large family with a computer.




V1.0.0.0  download size: 818KB    actual size: 2.02MB      download zip here!



A joke program that fakes a downloading of a virus and then explodes your computer. (but not really. It only says it does!) A great gag to pull on a friends computer!




V1.0.0.0   download size: 608KB    actual size: 1.25MB    download zip here!


Eye Ball 4

       Eye Ball 4 is a paddle ball version game with powerups, multiball action, and more! Challenge your friends in 2-player mode ,or go head-to-head against the computer!




V4.1.0.2   download size:  1.37MB     actual size: 14.1MB     download exe here!

V4.1.0.2   download size:  1.37MB     actual size: 14.1MB      download zip here!


Evil Veggies (under developement)

       Control a hungry bird through many levels! Fortunatelly for you a lazy plane pilot accidently hit the open cargo door button and released all their fruits and veggies , but you are alergic to veggies !! bum bumm bummmmm!

(missions 1-3 have only been finished!)

(Photosensitive epilepsy seizure warning!) Flashes option now avaiable! Please disable flashes option if you have phosensitive epilepsy seizures



V1.2.2.9   download size: 2.62MB   actual size: 7.41MB     Download BETA exe version here!

V1.2.2.9   download size: 2.60MB   actual size: 7.41MB     Download BETA zip version here!


Evil Veggies - Christmas Mod Update

    What's this? A Christmas Mod?! Yep... this extra will change the theme of Evil Veggies to a very "christmasey" one. To install extract the files then copy them and paste them into the folder containing Evil Veggies. 

    V1.0.0.0 download size 1.21MB   actual size 3.86MB     download ZIP here!



      A joke program, actually a screensaver that fakes your computer being frozen! A great alternative to a password. The screensaver displays a picture of your desktop, very simple, but the only way to leave the screensaver is by the key combo alt + ctrl + esc.


V1.0.0.0 download size 6.12MB   actual size 3.51MB     download ZIP here!


Naughty List 2 (under developement)

        "Have you ever had to beat up every kid whose been bad on the naughty list. and only using the force, an uzi, flaming arrows,heat seeking missles, mines , a tank, stale cookies ,and some other stuff too violent to mention?" Call me Santa... Santa Clause

5MB+                   (download not ready)