Q:How do I install the game?

A:It depends if the download type is an *.exe then simply double click on it,but if it is a *.zip then you need a program to exctract it. Most computers already have a pre-installed program that can exctract a *.zip.


Q:Why can't I run the game?

A:There are many reasons the most common are.

1)You probally didn't extract the file

2)your running a computer that doesn't support *.exe ,windows executables (which probally means your using a mac or something other than windows, or if you do have a windows. either your download was currupted so redownload it ,or you sieriously have a virus!)



Q:What is a *.zip ?

A: A *.zip is a file type which supports compression of other files within it ,so you can save space on your computer.


Q:What is a *.exe ?

A: A *.exe is the windows executable,which can run programs.


Q:The game keeps crashing!

A: Very many variables could have caused this.

1)the download could be corrupted (that means the file is broken ,so re download it)

2)if you were running the game in "full screen mode" and switched to another game... DON'T DO THIS AGAIN!! the games interfer with other system programs. simply avoid leaving the game on while you are messing with other stuff in your computer

3)your computer may not have an up-to-date version of directX

4)your computer may contain a currupted version of directX

5)the computer you are running may not have enough virtual memory. In this case either buy a new computer ,or upgrade the parts in yours.


Q:What do I do if I found a bug in the game?

A:TELL ME!!! the sooner you do the faster I can help you solve this problem