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A fitness boot camp is type of outdoor group exercise class that mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training. While there are a variety of styles of fitness boot camps, most are designed in a way that pushes the participants harder than they'd push themselves and, in that way, resemble a military boot camp.

During the 4-8 week class, you'll probably get up early to run sprints, perform lots
of push ups and various forms of plyometric and interval training with little rest between exercises. These fitness classes have grown in popularity over the years primarily because they offer a new way to get a low-cost, efficient and challenging workout. 

They definitely aren't for every exerciser, but with the right instructor, these fitness classes get fast results and create a supportive and motivational community of like-minded people. 

The drop in price is $5 and memberships are available!
Boot Camp @ KTX Fitness:

TUESDAYs         5:00 p.m.

THURSDAYs      11:00 a.m.

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