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Basic Exhibitor information

  • Only handmade/ produced goods can be sold. All stallholders are required to provide details of their produce, including photos where available to their application.
  • Reclaim the Night Collective and this events aim to challenge and address violence against women and children. Goods sold must not contravene the aims and visions of the Reclaim the Night Collective. Products and entertainment which promote violence or discrimination including but not limited to sexism, racism or homophobia will not be accepted. Similarly products that sexualise women and/ or children or promote negative gender stereotyping are prohibited from being displayed or offered for sale at this event.
  • Reclaim the Night Collective reserves the right to exercise discretion with regard to applications that fail to adhere to the above guidelines. Reclaim the Night Collective members are authorised to request that any products displayed or offered for sale at the market that contravene the above guidelines is immediately removed from display.
  • Stall sizes will allow space for a trestle table (1800 x 800) for all exhibitors. 
  • Please note that your set up and display can be no higher than 1.5 metres to meet the Market Square requirements.
  • All stallholders must set up their own stalls - details will be provided of set up times shortly..
  • Parking is available in the Market Square car park. Stallholders will be responsible for their own car parking fee.

Expression of Interest form and general information for exhibitors and performers

  •  link below to download general information and the Expression of Interest forms to be submitted.

Deadlines for 2013:

  • Expressions of interest by 31 August 2013.
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Artist Expression of Interest

‘Women Speak Out: sharing stories, celebrating strengths ’


What and why?

The Reclaim the Night collective invites expression of interest from women artists to participate in the 2013 event ‘Women Speak Out; Sharing Stories, Celebrating Strengths’.

The event, to be held at Market Square on Friday 25th October 6-9pm, will include 12 exhibitions by local women. Each exhibitor will get a dedicated space to showcase their artwork including a table sized 1.8-.8 metres. 


The purpose of each exhibition/ stall is;

-        For artists who are interested in actively working to end violence against women to contribute to the Reclaim the Night event and utilize their medium to creatively share messages around women’s rights, including the right to live free from violence

-        For local women’s creativity to be exhibited, shared and celebrated

-        For aspects of women’s stories to be included in each exhibition to highlight the depth and variety of women’s experiences

RTN Collective is looking for expressions of interest from women who are interested in partnering on this event. There will be no cost to run a stall. Instead the aim is for each exhibitor to actively connect their work with the events theme of ‘Women Speak Out; Sharing Stories Celebrating Strengths’ as well as participate with the ‘Speak Out’ project which will be launched on the event night. Although exhibitors can sell items throughout the event it is aimed that the exhibition of works will be the focus of the stall rather than sales.


There will be a maximum of 12 exhibition stalls available at this event. Please note that due to small numbers all applications may not be successful. Applications are due 31st August 2013 and successful applicants will be notified on 14th September 2013.


Women Speak Out concept

At this year’s Reclaim the Night a ‘Speak Out’ display will be interwoven into all aspects of the event. The central aspect of this display will be two mannequins, one depicting ways women are sexualized within our society and the other depicting women’s strengths and skills.


Reclaim the Night (Geelong) will give each participating artist/group of artists and/or organisations exhibiting at WowFEST a Styrofoam women’s head to decorate, alter, embellish and/or dress in ways that express the 2013 WowFEST theme – Women Speak Out. The only rules are that your creation must positively express the ‘Women Speak Out’ theme, be respectful of all women and their rights and be created by women. The inclusion of this onto your stall will connect your exhibition to the ‘Speak Out’ broader display. Please feel free to include any additional material or creative work that is appropriate to the ‘Speak Out’ message(s) or story/ies of your Styrofoam head.

*Please feel free to contact us for further information or clarification.


What next

Interested in being involved or finding out more? Please complete the following Expression of Interest form by the 31st August. Completed forms can be dropped off at 229 Roslyn Rd Highton, or via email to

For further information or to access an EoI form feel free to contact us, either by calling Joh on 0424 330 778, accessing our website or emailing


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