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2012 WowFest

  • Reclaim the Night Collective invites all women to participate in a vibrant women’s night market.
  • The market will be held on the eve of Reclaim the Night and will aim to raise awareness of and speak out about violence against women and to provide an opportunity for women to share their diverse talents with the community.

For detailed information please download the documents at the bottom of this page:
  • 2012 RTN Invitation.doc
  • 2012 RTN Expression of interest.doc

We welcome stalls and entertainment from local women, women's groups, services and organisations - please contact us if you are interested in contributing in any way.

Basic Exhibitor information:

  • Only handmade/ produced goods can be sold. All stallholders are required to provide details of their produce, including photos where available to their application.
  • Reclaim the Night Collective and this events aim to challenge and address violence against women and children. Goods sold must not contravene the aims and visions of the Reclaim the Night Collective. Products and entertainment which promote violence or discrimination including but not limited to sexism, racism or homophobia will not be accepted. Similarly products that sexualise women and/ or children or promote negative gender stereotyping are prohibited from being displayed or offered for sale at this event.
  • Reclaim the Night Collective reserves the right to exercise discretion with regard to applications that fail to adhere to the above guidelines. Reclaim the Night Collective members are authorised to request that any products displayed or offered for sale at the market that contravene the above guidelines is immediately removed from display.
  • Stall sizes will allow space for a trestle table (1800 x 800) for all exhibitors. Please note your overall stall space will be 2.5 x 1.5 metres.
  • Please note that your set up and display can be no higher than 1.5 metres to meet the Market Square requirements.
  • Setting up will take place from on Friday 26th October. All stallholders must set up their own stalls.
  • Parking is available in the Market Square car park. Stallholders will be responsible for their own car parking fee.
  • Payment details - please see below.

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Glenda Mac Naughton,
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