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2010: Reclaim our power, respect our voice


    • An arts-based community initiative by Reclaim the Night Collective to raise community awareness of male violence against women through song writing and the performance of those songs by a Geelong women’s community choir. 


When and where:

  • 29th October 2010, 6.00 pm, Johnstone Park with performances at the Geelong Court House, Little Malop St and the City of Greater Geelong City Hall.


  • To celebrate women and their right to live free from violence
  • To raise awareness of women’s right to safety
  • To provide an opportunity for women, men and children to voice their support for women’s right to safety
  • To voice the view that violence against women is unacceptable
  • To enable women to build strong networks to support their right to live free from violence
  • To place the struggle for women’s right to be safe within the broader struggle for women’s rights.


Research shows that violence by men against women remains a major social and health problem:

  • International Violence Against Women Survey – 57% of women have experienced sexual or physical violence by a man (Mouzos and Makkai 2004)
  • 2005 Personal Safety Survey – 29% of women since age of 15 have experienced physical violence, 17% have experienced sexual assault (ABS, 2005)
  • VicHealth – intimate partner violence is the largest contributor to death, disease and disability for Victorian women 14 – 54 (Vichealth, 2004)


Research has shown that the arts are a positive way to produce greater social connection between women, well-being, grow self-esteem and produce mental health. We are using the arts (music) to help women express their views and experiences about their rights to live free from violence. Specifically:

  • Facilitating 3 song writing workshops for women of all ages and backgrounds to enable them to voice their views on women’s right to live free from violence. Three songs have been written by Belinda McArdle as a result of these workshops
  • Initiating a women’s community choir and running 4 rehearsals in preparation for the Premier performance of the Geelong women’s songs on 29th October 2010.


Reclaim the Night Collective Geelong:

  • women’s community group that has been active for 21 years focusing on the impact of family violence and sexual assault on women and children
  • creates awareness about issues and engages and empowers women to take action against them.
  • Partners are Zena Women’s Services, City of Greater Geelong, G21 Alliance, Barwon Health and CASA. 

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