Geelong Women's Place of Peace


Reclaim the Night Collective (Geelong) has partnered with several organisations to create a small site alongside the Barwon River (Geelong) as a contemplative, peaceful picnic area dedicated to honouring:
  • the survivors of sexual assault and family violence 
  • women who have fought for the rights of women and children, particularly their right to be safe.

Please let us know if you have ideas about this place or would like to get involved.

The garden's mosaic pavers and their meanings

On 8th March 2014 (International Women's Day) ten mosiac pavers were installed by Geelong women in the garden at the Women's Place of Peace.

The mosaic pavers were made by local Geelong women at a mosaic workshop run by Bunnings (Waurn Ponds). Bunnings also sponsored the materials required to create the pavers.

Each paver features a woman's symbol - to learn what they mean please link here.

Our partners

  • Zena Women’s Services ( Zena Women's Services (ZWS) Inc. is based in the Geelong area and provides information and support to women and their dependent children, who have experienced domestic/family violence. The service also provides access to high security refuge accommodation to women assessed as being at high risk of further harm
  • Barwon Centre Against Sexual Assault provides counselling and support for survivors of sexual assault and abuse and family violence.
  • Buildscape Services PL , Tony Veitenheimer Building, Maintenance, Commercial, Industrial. Tony has assisted as part of their community involvement.
  • Bunnings (Waurn Ponds) sponsored the Mosaic Pavers now at the site.

The work to bring the site to life began on 8th March 2013.


In 1996 CASA Grove was constructed and planted in partnership with the Geelong Rape Crisis Centre and Barwon Water as a contemplative park. A plaque dedicated to the survivors of sexual assault was installed on a large rock in the park to mark its presence. This area located at the western end of Queens Park Road is now overgrown and we understand from the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CCMA) that the car park near this area is to be returned to natural bush. This will make CASA grove inaccessible. It is against this background that the proposal to create an alternative place of peace and contemplation for women that honours the original intent of CASA Grove.

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