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Here are the songs I have done so far. These are in reverse chronological order:

NOTE: Right-Click and use 'save as' or 'save target as' so it doesn't try and open in media player right away. 

7. His Father (Original song by me, Rick)

Description: This song is about Dad, I knew I'd write one eventually but I just didn't have anything until now.  I think it's ok, let me know your thoughts.  I went with just a guitar and a voice, nothing else. I wanted it to be simple and smooth.... I hope that's how it comes across.

 6. Boom Badda (Original song by me, Rick)

Description: I'm not sure of this one, it's not really my style but it was the only style that really suited the song...

5. Thinking Shallow (Original song by me, Rick)

Description: Here is the is the original song by me, Thinking Shallow. Go easy on me, it's my first one. :)

The song is about a guy and girl who haven't seen eachother in a long time. As to what their relationship was, that's up to the listener. She was shallow and didn't care for the guy while he cared about her. Now she's a famous performer surrounded by shallow people and a shallow life... all she wants is someone who cares about her and not her status. She realizes this and wishes she hadn't done what she had to push him away while, at the same time, he's thinking she's still the same , shallow, person.

As far as the recording ability, I think I've improved again. I used a synth for some of it and quite a few more filters on everything.

It took about 10 hours in total to write, record, edit, and produce it. That's not to bad actually because I've been getting better at the recording software.


PS, I know it's a little long (4:35) but hey, it's my first one.

4. How Do You Love? (Originally by Collective Soul) 


This is the last song I have done for now. I'm currently writing one which I will then turn into magical magic and amazement for your ears. For now however, enjoy my vocal debut with a Collective Soul song called 'How Do You Love' from the new album 'Youth'.

I'm no pro singer (as you will hear) and it sounds like I'm holding back in it sometimes... I was. The mic I'm using isn't that greatest and I have to hold it so close to my mouth. If I get louder then the audio clips on me and distorts, which doesn't sound good. If I pull the mic away when I get louder then it just doesn't pick up at all.... kinda sucks but I have to work with what I have for now. I can't justify an expensive condenser mic, I'd rather get an LCD monitor for that price

The guitar solo is something I just made up while I was recording it. When I got to the solo part of the song I realized I hadn't bothered to learn the one that Collective Soul plays... so I just made my own. I like it, dare I say a little more than the real one but then again I might be biased.

I used some cool filters in the recording program too, I think it adds quite a bit to a song. I also gave each guitar, vocal, and drum set their own EQ and reverb so I can control each of them independently which makes a difference.

3. Walk, Don't Run (Originally by The Ventures) Description: Hello audience. Here is the 4th installment of my Rickstar series, Walk Don't Run. This is an old ventures song that dad used to play. I messed around with it for a while but then thought it would be a good one to record. As I predicted, this is probably one of the best I've done so far. I was more comfortable with the recording software and playing while being recorded. 

2. Signe (Originally by Eric Clapton)

Description: It's an Eric Clapton song called Signe (no, I did NOT spell that word wrong). He played it on his MTV Unplugged album a number of years back. Learning this one took more effort than any of the other songs you're going to hear in these 5 parts, it's quite a good song and is something a person can play without any backup at all and still sound good.

1. Secret Agent Man (Originally by The Ventures) Description: This is a song I did using a program called FruityLoops. It's an audio synth program that you can make drums loops and much more in. I made the drum track first for the whole song, then I played that back while recording my guitar into wav files using Goldwave. I then imported those wav files into Fruityloops and put them on a timeline to match the drums. I then added all the other parts like basses and stuff like that. It took me 4 attempts at this program before I really understood it.... for some reason it's a really hard program to learn but it's got some pretty insane features. So this is my first REAL attempt at it and I've kept adding to my knowledge.

It's a ventures song called Secret Agent Man, I'm sure you all know it. The guitar playing in it seems like I was a little uncomfortable recording it (which I was) 

0. Push (Originally by Matchbox 20)

Description: I did this back in college (2001) when I had my dad's mixer and my 700mhz computer. It's an instrumental version of the Matchbox 20 song 'Push'. It's all by me, I didn't get the tab from anywhere, just played the melody of the song over the chords. For this song I used my Samik acoustic guitar and and very old version of Cakewalk that was given to me.