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Welcome to PMC.  This is the online place for me to share my music for the world.... that and I wanted to try out this Google Page Creator which is great for getting simple pages up fast.

April 14 2007

It's funny how, when I look back on these songs, that I know I've improved in my singing and playing.  Still, they are a representation of that time and my skills... I will probably re-do His Father because I was working on that one a little more the other night with some better guitar fills.  We'll see.  So much to do and so little time.  

His Father is really the only song of mine that I like and that I would actaully sing infront of someone... 1 out of 3 isn't bad!

March 28 2007

Uhg, that last post from the 19th is NOT a good representation of my skills anymore. I've improved much more, I might record another jam and post it. The old one is now GONE.

Jan 19 2007

I've been practcing lots of guitar to get my lead playing better. I've been improvising over lots of backing tracks and record them when I do. I've been doing this as of Dec 15 2006 so this is just over a month.  I think I've done pretty well in a months time and I plan to get much much better. The song is The Sky is Crying by Stevie Ray Vaughan and I'm just using the backing track, all the guitar is me improvising as I go.  I just picked it up and played... it's rough in some places and there are some wrong notes but I think it's not bad for only a month... REMOVED cause it sucked.

Current News as of Dec 1, 2006

I'm on YouTube! Check it out! 

Current News as of October 20, 2006 

Well who says I don't keep my word. Here it is, a new song from me! Head on over to Rick's Creations and check it out!

Current News as of October 18, 2006

Wow, it's been a while sinse the last update. I've written a number of songs in this time but only one I really want to record. I think I'll do it this Friday so it could be up by the weekend. That's as long as nothing pressing keeps me from recording.

Current News as of August 25, 2006

I've decided I need to re-do my new song, it was to high and I don't like the arrangement so I'll start that up sometime.  I hope it won't be long and I know it'll be worth the wait. 

Current News as of August 21, 2006

I have a new song finished and I'm not sure I like it... I'll be doing some re-working with it until I like it so it'll be a while yet I think becuse I don't take much time to work on this stuff except for my days off. 

Current News as of July 31, 2006

I trashed one of the songs I was working on... well I used a couple things from it but re-wrote it to something I like much better... I think.

Current News as of July 17, 2006

I have two songs on the go right now, they are slower songs ang I'm not sure if they are both going to make it.  I like the second one of the two but I'm not to sure about the first one.  We'll have to see who wins, maybe I'll do both and you can be the judge of it.