Springtime potatoes and peas in creamy sauce

This makes a hearty side dish for 2-4.

  • A handful of potatoes (baby ones, preferably)
  • 2 cups milk, plus 1/4 cup for later (I used soymilk and it worked great)
  • Mrs. Dash or similar seasoning, or try your favorite mix of herbs
  • Onion (I recently used garlic powder but I like onion better here)
  • Frozen or fresh peas (A few cups or so, depending on how many potatoes you are making. I like to add enough to accent the potatoes, but not so much that they overwhelm them.)
  • 1-2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon butter

  1. Peel the potatoes and cook them in boiling water. 
  2. As they are cooking, gently warm about 2 cups of milk in a heavy, medium two-quart pot.
  3. When potatoes are done cooking, drain the water and add the warmed milk to the potatoes as well as some frozen peas. Keep the pot over low heat and add some spices (Mrs. Dash, green onions, onion powder, etc.).
  4. Add the cornstarch to the 1/4 cup cold milk. Slowly pour the cornstarch mixture into the pot of potatoes and stir occasionally. It will thicken quickly, so it's best to keep an eye on it.
  5. Once the sauce has thickened and the peas are warm, add a tablespoon of butter and serve immediately.