Spider Web Rice Krispy Treats

From the Recipe Shoebox.

1/4 c butter/margarine
2/3-3/4 box rice krispies (or actually measure what it indicated on the box)
1 bag mini marshmallows
4 oz white chocolate (or white candy coating or almond bark)
spider sprinkles
(OR if you don't have any, just melt down dark chocolate and pipe some out.  When the chocolate hardens, then you have your own chocolate spiders!)


Melt butter in large nonstick saucepan.  Add the bag of marshmallows and slowly melt with the butter.  Stir them around to evenly distribute the heat.

 Add the cereal and fold it into the marshmallows until all the cereal is coated.

 Line a jelly roll pan (or 9x13 pan for thicker ones) with parchment paper.  Spray it first with nonstick spray. Press the marshmallow mixture into the pan.

 Cut into circles, OR squares and then round off the edges of the squares.

IF you have the Wilton's Spider sprinkle mixture, separate out the spiders.  You will need to work quickly before the chocolate hardens. So have your spiders prepped.

 Cut up your chocolate into small pieces.  Place into a baggie and melt in microwave at 20 second intervals.  Make sure to squeeze the bag all over to evenly melt the chocolate.  If you have one unmelted piece of chocolate it will cause your baggie to get clogged and thus bursting.

 When all the chocolate is melted, then snip a TINY hole in corner of it.  This will be your little piping bag for the spider webs.

 Start in the middle and pipe a spiral around the treat.  Don't forget to twist the baggie closed at the top.  You don't want chocolate oozing out the top.

Use a toothpick and start at the middle, drag the toothpick from the center moving outward.  This will make a spider web effect. 

Add a spider to a part that has a lot of chocolate in order for it to stick.  Add extra sprinkles if desired.

 Make sure you only pipe out about 5-6 at a time.  You want to make sure that the chocolate is still wet in order for the sprinkles to stick.  So I piped 5 spirals, then dragged the toothpick, then sprinkled.  Then I moved on to five more at a time.