Oreo Turkeys

From the Recipe Shoebox. 

The ingredients (per turkey):
2 Double Stuff Oreo cookies (getting the double stuff variety is important, so that there's room to put the candy corn feathers)
Chocolate Frosting (I like to use the cookie icing from the baking aisle)
6 candy corns (5 for tail feathers, 1 for the beak)
1 miniature peanut butter cup
1 Whopper candy
Yellow frosting (I recommend the "writing icing" from the baking aisle)
Red frosting (I recommend the "writing icing" from the baking aisle)

  Take one Double Stuff Oreo and squeeze in a small amount of the chocolate icing in between the 2 cookies (but without taking them apart) and about half way around the Oreo.
Gently insert 5 candy corns into the icing.  
Put some chocolate icing along the top edge of the other Oreo and "glue" it with the icing perpendicular to the Oreo with the candy corn feathers.  Set aside and allow icing to harden (5-10 minutes). 
Trim off the edge of the miniature peanut butter cup, so that there's a flat edge.
Place some chocolate icing along the cut flat edge and the back of the peanut butter cup. 
Place the peanut butter cup onto the Oreos as shown, to become the turkey body. 
Put some frosting on the back of the Whopper candy and place above the peanut butter cup, to become the turkey head. 
With the yellow icing, pipe eyeballs onto the Whopper.
Cut off the tip of the remaining candy corn and with some icing, "glue" it to the Whopper head to become the beak. 
With the red icing, pipe a wattle (the red thingy hanging from its neck). 
Sit the turkeys upright and with yellow icing, draw legs and feet onto the bottom Oreo. 
Now put them out where people can see them!   Maybe as place settings at the Thanksgiving table (with little name placards on toothpicks sticking out with the tail feathers).