Dr Pepper Cherry Chocolate Icebox Pie


(makes 2 pies)

2 pre-made chocolate pie crusts 

1 can Dr Pepper

12 ounces condensed milk 

12 ounces whipped topping

1 large can of cherry pie filling


1.  Place all whipped topping into a large mixing bowl. 

2.  Slowly add the Dr Pepper to the whipped topping and combine carefully.  Tip - do not add the pop all at once, add a little at a time and stir as you go.  

3.  Pour condensed milk into mixing bowl and combine with whipped topping and Dr Pepper. 

4.  Add in cherry pie filling but do not over stir.  

5.  Using a large spoon, fill each pie crust with the Dr Pepper Cherry filling.  

6.  Place pies into freezer overnight. 

7.  After frozen, slice and serve immediately.  You can enjoy with a little extra chocolate topping or even some extra whipped topping.