Campfire Peachies


Peaches, ripe but not TOO ripe
Large marshmallows 
Brown Sugar (optional)


1.  Build a campfire. ;)  Obvious I know!

2.  Cut each peach into halves and remove the pit.  Leave the skin on. 

3.  On a piece of foil lay two of the peach halves insides up.  Sprinkle each half with some cinnamon and if you would like some brown sugar. 

4.  Place one large marshmallow on one half of the peach and top the marshmallow with the second half.  Wrap the peach in the foil tightly.  Do this for the number of peachies you would like.  Make sure you wrap each peach separately.  

5.  Place wrapped peaches directly into the campfire.  Let them cook for 3-4 minutes.  Remove carefully!!  The foil is hot so be cautious!  

6.  Unwrap the peachies and enjoy!