Baymax Apples


6-8 Apples - the rounder the better, we used Gala, they were really round and we LOVE Gala apples

1 large brick of white chocolate almond bark

Candy sticks

Black piping icing 

foil or parchment paper


1.  Clean and DRY the apples.  Dry is key here.  If any moisture gets to the melted almond bark it will make this process a lot harder.  

2.  Stick the candy sticks in the apples.  Tip - using a sharp knife, carefully poke a hole in the middle of the apple, then place the candy stick into the apple.  

3.  In a microwave safe bowl, that is deep enough to cover the apples, melt the almond bark.  

4.  Once completely melted, slowly dip the apples into the almond bark.  Cover the entire apple.  

5.  Slowly remove apple from melted almond bark and place on foil.  

6.  Let the almond bark set in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.  

7.  Once the almond bark is hardened, pipe Baymax eyes on the apples.  Thankfully this does not take much skill!  

8.  Now it is time to bit into this delicious snack!  Enjoy!!