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Children's meals need to be nutri­tionally balanced and temptingly pre­sented to encourage them to eat well.

Pre-school age children grow parti­cularly fast and therefore need plenty of the right foods to give them the vital protein and energy they require: lean meat, fish, eggs, cheese, bread, beans, cereals and milk all supply these. It is very important that they should have milk every day as it provides calcium which is essential for growth of bones and teeth, as well as other minerals and vitamins: if your child does not like the taste of milk to drink, try making in­terestingly flavoured milk shakes and include plenty in sauces and puddings. Pre-school children often have small appetites, so offer them small, attrac­tively served quantities of food rather than a daunting plateful — they can always come back for seconds. Young children's appetites also vary constant­ly— lots of activity in the fresh air makes them hungry, but on a rainy day spent indoors they may not want much to eat at all. Never force a child to eat more than it want


These are some best recipes for kids

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