Welcome to my Recipes! 

I’ve had a 35+ year battle with food. Almost every night I would lay in bed going over all the food failures I’d had that day.  Let me tell ya – that’s a pretty sad way to end each day.

Do you know that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the US are on a diet? My ‘Aha!’ moment came when I realized that I was not the only one going to bed counting food failures instead of sheep.

If food is your worst enemy and also your worst friend – then this recipe site is for you!

The recipes on this site are my own creation or one of my family members creation. I use fresh, natural ingredients and whole foods.

As a Wellness & Lifestyle ConsultantI teach my clients that nutrition is not just about what they put into their mouths...relationships, career, finances, spirituality, and physical movement all empower us or exhaust us.

But, since this is a recipe siteit is all about food…nutritious food that will fuel your body. No guilt, deprivation, or calorie counting.

Nutrition is more than just food...
but if I'm going to put something in my mouth, 
it's got to taste great!

To be honest, cooking is NOT my thing. I’d rather be out in the garden weeding my vegetables instead of in the kitchen cooking them. 

If I’m going to be in the kitchen, the result must be healthy, taste fantastic and most important -be easy to prepare.