Blood Orange Marmalade

Adapted from Sally Pasley Varga, Food for Friends

Makes 10 half pint jars.

4lbs Fruit (which consists of 8 to 9 blood oranges and 2 to 3 lemons)
12 C Water
8 C Sugar (I ran out so I used 6C white sugar and 2C light brown sugar)

1. Place the fruit in a 6 quart or larger heavy bottomed pot and cover with the water. Cover the pot and bring to a boil, decrease heat to low, and simmer for 25 to 35 minutes, until fruit is tender when pierced with fork.  Let stand for several hours (I let it sit overnight) or overnight until completely cool.

2. Remove oranges from water and reserve 3 1/2 C of the liquid in pot.

3. Quarter fruit through stem end and cut crosswise into very thin slices, discarding the seeds (put on some good music because this takes a while)

Return fruit to the pot with reserved liquid and the sugar.  Gently heat mixture, stirring occasionally until sugar is melted.  Increase heat and bring to a boil.  Cook over medium heat stirring often, until mixture reaches jellying point.

Process as usual.