Green and rural tourism in the heart of the Eastern Europe - Polessye 


The Rechnaya rural estate is located 7 km to the North from the E-30 highway (take R-7 road in Fedkovichi and turn right just after the bridge over the river Mukhavets)

 Zhabinka railway station (the 25th kilometer on the way from Brest to Moscow) was built in late XIX century.

There is a very convenient  direct railroad connection between Brest, Zhabinka, Minsk, Kobrin, Pinsk, Gomel, Vitebsk, St.Petersbourg, Moscow and Kiev. 

Or, you may use a kayak, a raft, a boat or a bicycle (just let us know about your preference in advance!) 



An experienced organnizer and leader of rafting, skiing, bicking and mountain hiking extreem tours himself, Gennadiy (on the left) as well as his family and friends is absolutely sure: for everybody interested in getting the first-hand impressions and understanding of other cultures, the idea of travelling to the Belarus Polessye to explore the advantages of  rural tourism - is a sure bet! 

And those who doubt it should come to the Rechnaya estate for experience and inspiration. Great location invites to go fishingkayaking or rafting, touring to Brest (27 km West), Kobryn (20 km East), Kamenets (35 km North)  and the "Belovezhskaya Poushcha" National Reserve (ancient dence forest 20 km North from Kamenets). 

And if you are in a relaxed mood you might enjoy just sitting on the riverbank (20 meters South), or taking a walk to the nearest forest (30 meters West), or to the local Orthodox Church that is 500 years old and located in tne same village of Zditovo (500m East)


 You are cordialy Welcome!