Recurrent Tasks For Google Tasks

*** UPDATE *** April 3, 2019 - Google implemented recurring tasks as their standard calendar feature. Available both in mobile app and web app. So this project will most likely become obsolete. But we will keep maintaining it...

Add recurrent/repeating tasks to your existing Google Tasks™. No external service needed. Fully integrated with Google Calendar™

You will be able to create tasks repeating daily/monthly/yearly. These tasks will be visible & accessible both via standard Google Tasks™ and Google Calendar™ apps.

The only special requirement of this app is that you would keep your recurrent task "templates" in separate task lists, from where app would automatically generate task instances... so you will end up having one more task list to maintain :-) That's all.

To open app click HERE

To uninstall, follow these instructions.

For instructions for non-Chrome
installation click HERE

For more information click HERE.

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