ROM based on original Acer_AV051_S500_1.063.00_WW_GEN1 Acer JellyBean Firmware

Installing this ROM is at your own risk. Although I tested this ROM thoroughly it can happen that something can go wrong with your phone. By installing this ROM you agree with this disclaimer, therefore I can not be held responsible for any damage to your phone. 
Feel free to copy, modify or redistribute any of my work and/or code, please give credits to the right person when doing this! 


- Deodexed
- Rooted!
- Zipaligned
- Busybox v1.21.1 

AROMA based installer:
  * Fully touch featured graphical installer with guided setup
  * Choose what you want to install. e.g. if you don't like Acer Cloud apps simply uncheck them!
  * Choose what modifications you want: Kernel type, normal/lower density, Swype/Normal Android keyboard, enable/disable acer shell 
  * Choose your favorite battery icon: 
- The following standard apps are included and can be installed if you like:
  * Acer Cloudmobile apps
  * Acer registration
  * HD Channel
  * Google Magazines
  * Google Books
  * Google Currents
  * GMail
  * Google Plus
  * Google Maps
  * Google Music player
  * Youtube
  * Google Hangouts (Google Talk)
  * Polaris office

- The following non-standard apps can be installed:
  * Adaway v2.8 (opensource Ad-blocker)
  * FDroid (Market for opensource apps)
  * Notification toggle (If you disable Acer shell....)
  * Xposed framework (highly recommended: use it in comination with gravitybox!)

- Stock (original) ACER Kernel  or
RECA kernel v1.0:
  * Unsecure boot for system R/W access.
  * Enabled 'adb remount' for R/W access through adb.
  * Add init.d support (for support bootscripts) 

RECA S005 v1.1 date 
05 Jan. 2014
  • Solved system apps crashing
  • Solved Settings for Acershell not working
  • When Acershell disabled, NovaLauncher is used for homescreen
  • Optional Google Setup wizard enabled on clean install
  • Acercloud apps now working
  • Updated list of apps in installer
  • Moved some apps to /data/app due to some space issues
  • Debugged installer code

RECA S005 v1.0 First public version 14 Dec. 2013
  • Added Xposed framework
  • Enabled europe NTP server for fast GPS fix
  • Changed resolution of boot animation and added a progress circle
  • Added more Battery icons to choose from
  • Updated Google Play Store
  • Updated Google Play Services
  • Updated Acer apps with latest version

RECA S005 first Alpha version
  • Deodexed and zipaligned
  • Rooted!
  • Updated hosts file
  • RECA Kernel v1.0: Unsecure boot, init.d support, working adb remount
  • Busybox 1.21.1
What's working:
Because it's based on the original and official Acer stock JellyBean firmware all should work flawless!

Known problems:
as of version 1.1: None!

  1. You must have an unlocked Acer S500 => HowTo
  2. Use TWRP 2.5 or CWM to select ROM zip file and press install. No need to Wipe data, system or cache. The installer will determine if it's necessary.
  3. AROMA will fire up and guide you to the installation
  4. A clean install is recommended....
Update/Modify ROM
You can try to install RECA ROM over an existing installation. e.g. an update from Cirrus ROM to RECA ROM should give no problem. Choose "Upgrade or modify" in installer menu. If you experience problems with upgrading, re-run the installation and choose for "Clean install". 

When you do an upgrade you can expierience some strange problems with already installed apps. A good solution is to go to "Settings=>Apps=>App name" and clear data and cache. In many cases this will solve your problems.
If your problems persist, the only thing you can do is a "clean install".

RECA S005 ROM v1.1 (January 05, 2014, link updated on october 6th 2014)

RECA S005 ROM v1.0 (December 14, 2013)