Welcome to the Redwood Empire California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (RECAMFT) Mentorship Wiki-Site!

This site allows Volunteer Mentors (licensed professionals) to be a no-cost resource to interns and newly licensed professionals (in their first year of licensure) who belong to RECAMFT. The therapists listed here are volunteering their time for about two hours/month on average. This can be a 30 minute phone call, or a face-to-face meeting. Note: This mentorship does NOT count as supervision, and is not a supervisory relationship.

Mentees: you are encouraged to call more than one licensed mentor so you can potentially have a wide variety of contact with professionals. You can use up to two hours/month with one or more volunteer mentors. This could be four 30 minute phone calls, or two one-hour face-to-face sessions.

Some of the ways you might use our Volunteer Mentors:

  • Talk about issues with your placements
  • Discuss concerns about your supervisory relationship
  • Explore mentor’s specialization and training
  • Interview mentor for a class assignment
  • Ask how mentor would handle a situation
  • Networking

Click the Volunteer Mentor Page to learn more about each therapist and their specialization.

RECAMFT hopes that this program will help our up-and-coming professional colleagues to feel welcomed into our profession and supported on your journey! 

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