Hillary Clinton for President

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1.  She’s a felon.  She wasn’t charged because the Attorney General is corrupt.
2.  She helped a Child Rapist go free and laughed about it.
3.  She took money from anti-US foreign governments that was used for her campaign
4.  Hillary said "What difference does it make" regarding our murdered Ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi
5.  What is the difference between Nurse Hatcher and Hillary Clinton?  They are both mean.  One plays a character.  One is real
6.  She made our country weak by letting our secrets out by having an illegal server at her home that foreign governments were able to access.  Even worse, she lied about it and covered it up.  See ad comparing bill to hill.
7.  Hillary's Health is Questionable-Seizures, Vertigo, Brain Freezes