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Projects with Penns Valley

Penns Valley Area School District (PVASD) teachers and students work together with the ReBUild team to understand research from a complex systems perspective. Students focus their studies on West Nile Virus and Lyme disease in central Pennsylvania in order to understand how disease relates to socio-ecological processes, ethnicity, climate change, vector ecology, and land conversion.

 The following are a few examples their accomplishments:

  • Teacher Professional Development Workshops

    A series of teacher workshops headed by the education team of Annmarie Ward and Leah Bug are provided throughout the project's duration. One goal of these workshops are to help teachers understand the practices of science by working alongside the scientists. With support from the education team, they design classroom activities which replicate these scientific practices. As a result, teachers develop open-inquiry methods of instruction, using both Buruli ulcer disease and West Nile Virus as linking topics in the classroom.

  • Ghana Day, Spring 2011

    As a project for their World Studies class, high school students were required to research as aspect of Ghanian culture. The students presented their knowledge to 5th and 6th grade students as a learning activity during "Ghana Day." This is an example of fostered learning, in which upper level students taught younger students in an interactive and comprehensive way.

  • Field Experience: Kayaking Penns Creek

    High School Teacher Jacqui Wagner provided her Advanced Biology students the opportunity to make science connections through field work. The kayaking trip allowed students to learn about water quality issues. The trip involved kayaking down Penns Creek, and making stops to investigate water-impacted environments. Students conducted chemical testing of water, collecting data which they analyzed and incorporated into their research upon return to the classroom.