Some of my 2012 babies

 Here are just a few of my babies from 2012.  Hope you like them!!
Reese by Andrea Arcello
Sweet Carolina by Marita Winters
Victoria full body super soft vinyl by Sheila Michaels
Sweet Sucky Lip boy
Zasha by Claire Taylor
Tina Kewy kit
Ryan kit by Natalie Scholl
Krysta kit
Brayton kits by Nicole Russell
Trinny (I think that's her name LOL!) by Jessica Schenk.  This was a closed eyed baby, but I opened her eyes.
Claire by Toby Morgan (sold out)
Princess Pug by Denise Pratt
Wee Yawns by Marita Winters (LONG SOLD OUT KIT)
Sleeping Berenguer
Micro Preemie Zachy by Marita Winters
(Below)  Michelle by E. Wosnjuk bald