Reborn Care Instructions


The most important rule is ~~ NEVER hold your baby by her (or HIS) head, arms, or legs. Always hold them as you would a real baby. **EVEN WHEN YOU ARE CHANGING HER CLOTHES, BE CAREFUL NOT TO PULL ON THE ARMS!!** She has the weight of a real baby and she could come apart if you hold her by one of these. ALWAYS treat her like a newborn baby and support her head. Please watch children carefully when they hold her. Please make sure that your hands are clean and free of lotion, etc. before holding your baby.

Do not display your baby in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Her coloring will fade if left in the sunlight for extended periods (such as weeks or months ~ a day or so will be okay).

Your baby's hair can be lightly wet with your fingers and styled with your fingers or gently brushed. Just like a real baby, her hair gets a little messy from laying on it. The best way to fix this is to lightly wet and finger style the curls. You may want to add gel or frizz control product from time to time. You can even wash her hair every once in a while, but never immerse the baby's head in water. If you like the baby's hair straight, you can brush it straight down with a baby brush while it is wet and let it air dry. Be careful when drying her hair, just dab it dry, don't be too rough. You can also lightly wet a baby brush and brush her hair. ***DO NOT BE AFRAID TO WET HER HAIR! KEEPING HER HAIR NEAT IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF MAKING HER LOOK HER BEST!!***

You can change her clothes as often as you want as long as you are CAREFUL. ****You can make new hairbows and pacifiers by picking up metal washers at your local hardware store and using them to glue on your hairbows, etc. They should stick well to the magnets that are inside the baby. Also, the hairbows that have metal clips on the back work well .

Since most babies are understuffed for easy posing, the material may shift at times. Just gently tilt the baby's head down and the weighting material should easily move back into place. You should ALWAYS hug and love her.

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Rhonda Matlock