Sweet reborn babies by Junebird Nursery!

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Gorgeous reborn FAIRY .........see more tiny micro preemies on my 'micro preemie' page.... click link on the left !

Euro Berenguer baby girl and Saskia by Bonnie Brown!! 

Above is the newest baby from Cassie Brace ~~TOBY~~ he is adorable and on my 'available babies' page. 

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Below is Sunshine Winters!! Sold out kit ~~

Quinlynn sculpted by Laura Lee Eagles and reborn by me!

Ofelia sculpted by Olga Auer !

Laura Lee Eagles' KNOX

Full body vinyl ESME sculpted by Laura 

8 -2014   Hi Everyone!   Hope you are having a great week!    Click on 'Available babies' to the left to see what I have and a link to Etsy and Ebay!!

 There is a 'frequently asked questions section' that may answer some things for you.  If you see a baby that you like,  you can e-mail me for information.  A quoted price is good for 1 week!!!   You can e-mail me at junebirdnursery@gmail.com.    I hope to keep doing custom orders, but really want to start working on babies for auction soon!  I take orders personally through my e-mail.  I do not take orders on my website, so please contact me if you are interested in a baby. 

Tegan by Laura Lee Eagles.  This is one gorgeous big baby girl.  She is the size of a 3 - 6 month baby depending on the body size used. 



Tegan by Laura Lee Eagles and Georgia by Tina Kewy

Elisa Marx's Julien baby boy!
Little Preemie Monkey by Bonnie Brown (Mummy's lil Monkey)
(Above) Micro Preemie Zachy by Marita Winters
Saoirse by Bonnie Brown  (Quickly sold out and hard to find)
      Gus by Tina Kewy (top 1/2 torso)
Ellis by Tina Kewy (almost sold out kit) has top 1/2 of torso, ball jointed arms, and ball jointed head.
 Reese kit by Andrea Arcello
Hi and welcome to Junebird Nursery where realistic reborns are lovingly created for mature reborn and baby doll collectors.   I use genesis heatset artist paints to achieve a realistic skintone.   This alone takes many hours.  Then I root quality mohair with a tiny needle for a gorgeous head of hair.  I have also started painting hair on some of my babies for a more newborn look.  The babies on these pages are just a sample of my work. All of these babies have been adopted.  **Please click ~Junebird Babies , more babies, even more babies, etc.~ on the left side of the page to see additional photos!
 I am really good about answering e-mails in a timely manner, but lately, the amount of e-mail that I am getting is enormous!!  Most of the questions that are asked in e-mails are answered in the "frequently asked" section.  Please read this section before sending me an e-mail to see if your questions are answered there.   I am updating my website today ~ May 30, 2012 so everything is as up to date as possible.  Thank you!!
Eden by Adrie Stoete
Brayden by Nicole Russell
Spencer by Wendy Dickison
Zinny by Marita Winters
 Serah by Adrie Stoete
Serah by Adrie Stoete (bald)
 Daisy by Bonnie Brown
 Buggy by Bonnie Brown (sold out!)
 Kaelin by Denise Pratt
 Kadence by Denise Pratt
 Cherish by Tina Kewy (sold out)

Fay by Danielle Zweers

  Chicklet by Marita Winters
Toby Morgan Triplets (sold out)