Frequently Asked Questions

Hi and welcome to Junebird Nursery where realistic reborns are lovingly created for mature reborn and baby doll collectors of all ages. I use genesis heatset artist paints to achieve a realistic skintone. This alone takes many hours. Then I root quality mohair with a small needle for a gorgeous head of hair. I have also started painting hair on some of my babies for a more newborn look. The babies on these pages are just a sample of my work. All of these babies have been adopted. **Please click ~Junebird Babies , more babies, even more babies, etc.~ on the left side of the page to see additional photos! Reborn babies are NOT for child's play!!!!  These babies are works of art and are only meant to be handled with care!  Hair can be washed and styled, but will not hold up to rough play.
How much are custom babies?
Updated on February 27, 2014  ~~ I have not stuck to this pricing rule, but I must go by these guidelines for pricing in 2014~~ PLEASE read this carefully.  I have NO custom babies less than $350.  Prices for custom preemies start at $350 and go up.  Newborn babies start at $400 and go up.  Larger than newborn size will be $500 and up. My prices have been extremely low since I started reborning even though cost of reborning has gone up.  I must change my prices!  A quoted price on a custom baby is good for ONE WEEK. After that, the price is subject to change.  PRICES depend on several factors ~~ cost of kit, cost of supplies for that kit, size of baby, how hard the vinyl is to paint or root, etc.  If you are not happy with my quoted prices, I completely understand.  There are lots of reborn artists to choose from on the internet.
How much is shipping?
Shipping in the U.S is usually between $15 - $20.  Sometimes I include this in the quoted price and I will let you know if it is.  Outside the U.S. is usually around $50.
How long does it take to make a baby?
It can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 8 weeks for a custom baby to be ready to ship.  I will not take custom orders if I think the time frame will be more than 8 weeks. HOWEVER,  I do this in my spare time so things come up.    I am also cutting way back on custom babies because it is too stressful for me to make a custom.
Do you have layaway?
I do take layaway at times.  If you see an available baby and need layaway, just let me know and I will see what I can do. Layaway payments are NON-REFUNDABLE!!
What types of payment do you take?
I take Paypal online or money orders and cashiers checks sent thru the mail.  I do take cash of course, but that is sent at your own risk.  At the moment, I am taking Paypal for full upfront payments, and money orders, etc. for layaway payments.

How are the babies weighted?

My babies are weighted with glass beads, polypellets, and tiny metal beads to create just the right feel and weight so that your new baby is as realistic as possible. Babies' heads are also weighted and will need supporting just like a real baby unless they are made to sit up, such as toddler size babies.

What do babies come with?

Babies come with an outfit, magnetic hairbow, magnetic pacifier, blanket, diaper, Junebird certificate, and Reborn Care Instructions.
I hope this answers most of the questions that you have about my babies. If you have any other questions, just let me know!!
Do I have to take a custom order~~
Absolutely not!  I reborn babies in my spare time and because I love it.  I have WONDERFUL customers and lots of repeat customers ~ and I love them!    And rarely do I turn down a custom order unless I know that I do not have time.  BUT if I feel like someone is going to give me problems or has been reported by other reborners as a problem buyer, then I have every right to refuse service.  Please keep this in mind and be kind when e-mailing.
Thank you very much!!