***Available 2016***

Hi Everyone!   

PLEASE READ!!!   Updated on November, 2016 ~~  you can email me at junebirdnursery@gmail.com   for more information on a baby that you are seriously interested in.  Thank you!

This is my newest page for my available babies.  You can check out all the babies on my site to see what you like if you want to order a custom baby, but these are the ones done and available to ship now.

I do NOT deal in silicone babies!  They are VERY EXPENSIVE and I am not experienced with them.  These babies are vinyl babies with cloth bodies.   Occasionally, I have a full body and will put that in the description. 
Most of my custom babies are $400 - $450!! 

If you would like to see descriptions of my babies, then please see Junebird Nursery on Etsy    or  buswaiting on Ebay. 


 All babies are sold!!  Email me about custom orders!!

Babies below are already sold!! 

Tegan Eagles available as of 5/30/2016 .

***SOLD***   Little micro preemie Winters ZODI FAIRY/elf.   She weighs just about 2 pounds and is a tiny 10 inches.  She is a darling sleeping fairy for $349. 


***SOLD****Rosebud is a tiny 14 inch preemie!  She has painted hair!!  She weighs about 3 1/2 - 4 pounds and is $275. 


**SOLD****Miles is a preemie baby boy of about 15 inches.  He weighs about 4 1/2 pounds and can wear most preemie clothes.   He also has painted hair and is $250. 



***SOLD *****  This baby can be a boy or girl!  He has painted hair and wears preemie size clothes.   He is a little over 4 pounds.  $250



 ***SOLD *****This little happy berenguer is about 15 inches and weighs about 4 pounds.  She has super soft mohair that can 
be styled in several ways.  She is $225.    


****SOLD****This little piggy wants to come home to you!!   She is about 11 inches long (not including her tail) and about 8 inches tall.   She weighs about 3 pounds and you can make her stand on her own.   She is $145 and comes with a magnetic pacifier. 

******SOLD **********This is Angelina by Cindy Musgrove.    She is a small newborn size baby and weighs about 5 - 6 pounds and is 18-19 inches long.  
She is $349.