PLEASE click the link for AVAILABLE BABIES 2016 to see my newest available babies. 

 I do NOT deal in silicone babies.  They are very expensive to make and paint !!  I am not experienced with silicone reborning, so you would need to find someone else if you are looking for a silicone baby!!

   The boy below wears newborn and 0-3 months and is $350.  Link to etsy auction below~~~


The tiny little full body baby below is $275.  He would make a great memorial baby.  He is NOT silicone!!  He is vinyl and does have limited movement, but is totally adorable! 

I also have this little vampire girl available too!  She is $299.

All babies  below have been adoped!!!   Email if you would like a custom order to look like one of the babies below.  There may be a few that are sold out kits, but most are available to custom order.

All babies below are sold!!!   You can custom order an baby that is not sold out.  I do have a vampire baby for sale!   If you have any questions on ordering please email me at junebirdnursery@gmail.com .

ALSO, I do NOT have 'buy it now' buttons on my babies because they are also for sale on etsy and ebay.  Sometimes they are sold before I know it and I need to check and make sure before you buy that they are still available.

Baby piglets are available for custom orders!  This little one sold quickly!!

I do have a Vampire baby like the one above for adoption!   

Sweet Cassie Brace's TOBY~~ large preemie/newborn baby.  E-mail for more pictures if interested~~~ $700 ~~SOLD TY!!

*Above is PREEMIE Rosebud!!  She is a preemie baby girl that is about 14 inches and about 4 pounds~~ PAINTED HAIR! She will wear Carter's preemie.  She is $250.

I am keeping the above baby!  She is a vintage Berjusa ~ if you would like one like her, send me a message and we can talk about a custom berjusa! 

If you are seriously interested and would like more pictures and information on the baby that are for adoption ~ please e-mail me at junebirdnursery@gmail.com  . 

These babies are super cute tiny MICRO PREEMIES ~~~~ 10 inch Marita Winters' Zachy.  They are very tiny and weigh only about 1 1/2 pounds.  They are for custom order so you can pick hair color and if you want a certain birth mark. These are vinyl babies with cloth bodies.  The price is $249. 

All babies below this point have already been adopted!!

**SOLD*** The above baby is Tegan by Laura Lee Eagles.  This baby can be seen on ebay and is $750.   She is a BIG baby girl and usually wears between 6 - 12 month clothes depending on how they are made.  For more picture, check the link below to ebay.

**SOLD***These 2 babies are available at the moment!  Please check out the ebay or etsy link under the next picture to see more pictures and descriptions and then e-mail me if you are interested.  These are $250 each.   


  Babies come with an outfit, a few diapers, blanket, magnetic pacifier, and certificate.  Prices include shipping in the U.S.  I accept Paypal, money order, or checks.  Checks take 10 days to clear before baby is shipped!!!

**SOLD** Angelina Musgrove ~~ very newborn looking!   $375!   

**SOLD**   Brayden Russell with scar on left arm ~~ $399   ~~ e-mail if interested for details.

Berenguer baby girl has found a new mommy!!!

Liam has also found a new mommy!! 

All babies below are sold! 

These two are sold! 

 A COCO MALU would be $425 without a belly and $450 with a belly!!  ( I GET THIS question a lot!) Half the total is due when you order and the other 1/2 when I am done.  Thank you!! few babies below are ready for adoption. You can read about them on my etsy page (link above) and buy them from etsy or for a little less through me.  Just e-mail junebirdnursery@gmail.com if you are interested.

The two babies below are all that I have right now.  They are listed on ebay.  If you need more information, please click on the ebay link above. 

**SOLD **The only baby that I have right now is another super cute tiny 10 inch Marita Winters' KATIE. She is so tiny and weighs a little over  1 1/2 pounds.  Her price is $249. Her hair is painted and sealed! 

**SOLD**This baby is a sweet Berenguer baby girl. She is such a sweet girl!  This baby is perfect for cuddling.  She has full arms and legs and she is a preemie size baby about the size of a real 5 pound baby.  She is $250.

**SOLD** This cute as pie baby boy is the Luka sculpt by Rachel Maynard.  He is newborn size and has 3/4 arms and 3/4 legs.  He is about 6 pounds.  He is a limited edition of only 650.   He is $300.  

**SOLD** Below is a micro preemie baby that is 10 inches and about 2 pounds.  She is $249.  


**SOLD**The little open eyed girl below is also a micro preemie at about 10 inches and weighs about 2 pounds.  She is $225. 

**SOLD**This little monkey is a newborn size and so cute!  Could be boy or girl.  She would be $200!

**SOLD**Below is Rosebud!!  She is a preemie baby girl that is about 14 inches and about 4 pounds. She will wear Carter's preemie.  She is $225.

I have these 2 babies up for adoption.  If you would like to see more pictures and info, please click on the ebay link above.  Then you can e-mail me at junebirdnursery@gmail.com if you are interested!   These are both preemie size babies and completely bald.   They are both so cute!!!

SAWYER has been adopted.  Awesome newborn SAWYER JAMESON now on ebay! 

 **CHLOE has been adopted!**I have Chloe Timmerman for adoption.  She is the size of a 3 month old and can sit on her own.   She is about 8 pounds and 23 inches long. 

I also have tiny preemie Rosebud below for adoption.  She is only about 3 1/2 pounds and is 14 inches long. She will wear Carter's preemie size clothes.  

  SOLD!!!!!!!!The two below are on ebay.  If you contact me directly at junebirdnursery@gmail.com instead of buying on ebay,  I will give you $25 off the ebay price. Please click the above link for information on these 2.  All other babies on this page are sold, but you can contact me for a custom order. 

**SOLD**Below is Tina Kewy's Georgia.  I LOVE this baby and really do not want to let her go.  She is newborn size and is a baldie.   I did not weigh her too much so she is easy to carry.  She is probably about 5 pounds.  The price for Georgia is $375.  She will be added to my ebay soon with additional pictures, so click ebay link to see more.  Thank you! 

SOLD!!  This is an absolutely gorgeous newborn size baby boy!  This is Lilianne Breedveld's NIGEL vinyl sculpt.  He is about 21 inches long and is about 7 pounds.  He is listed on ebay so you can click the link above if you want more pictures or info.  He is $399 if he is sold off of ebay.  Thank you! 

SOLD!The baby below is a preemie size baby boy. He is Ulrike Gall's ADRIAN .  He is a limited edition kit and so realistic!  He is about 17- 18 inches long and weighs almost 5 pounds. He will wear Carter's preemie, but when he is wearing a diaper, her would need newborn size.  He is $275. 

The 2 babies below are micro preemie twins!  They are a very tiny size of real 25-26 week gestation babies.  Each are about 14 inches and weighs about 2 1/2 pounds.  If you need more information, please click the link above to my ebay.   I will sell them off ebay for $200 each OR $350 for both.  Thank you!  The little girl is SOLD!  Little boy is now SOLD too!!

Crystal is SOLD!! Thank you!!  If interested, send me an e-mail to junebirdnursery@gmail.com .  


***COCO MALU HAS SOLD!***This is Coco Malu sculpted by Elisa Marx.  This is one of the cutest babies ever!!!    She is a small newborn at about 18 inches and about 6 pounds. If you need more info, please e-mail me at junebirdnursery@gmail.com .   

***THE LITTLE PEARL MONKEY HAS SOLD!!! ***This is the cutest little MONKEY!!  She is the size of a preemie baby. Her price if $250.  E-mail if you need more info! 

  Little Miss Ellis Kewy has found a mommy!  I will add babies as they become available!
The baby below is Zasha.  This baby is already sold.  I can do a custom Zasha with your choice of hair (or bald) and your choice of boy or girl tummy plate.  A custom Zasha is $500.
Thank you so much for visiting my page and have a great day!!