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I, “Charles Marks”, bring you [insert name] my half-baked theories and ill-informed opinions via this web log (more commonly known as a ‘blog’) from a hidden location somewhere in England.

This is not an act of self-indulgence but is carried out in the hope of assisting the formation of a hegemony of socialist ideas within the proletariat (that is to say the working class) for the purposes of bringing about a socialist revolution in which the proletariat will be hegemonic and can expropriate the bourgeoisie (that is to say the owning class).

Though the actual form this hegemony will take cannot be outlined in detail it is certain that for the revolution to survive and advance its character and content must be anti-capitalist (which implies a commitment to a planned and managed economy under democratic control) and anti-imperialist (which means respecting the right of nations to self-determination).

For the socialist revolution to occur at all there must be organisational unity of working-class forces (either in the form of a unified party or a coalition of parties) and an understanding of the impact that imperialism has on the proletariat of imperialist countries.


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[Interests: Marxian theories of imperialism in the “post-colonial” era and modern day anti-colonial struggles in the Middle East and the Americas; the working class movement and the “aristocracy of labour”; said to exist in imperialist states; the decline of the Labour Party and prospects for the disaffiliation of the labour movement and socialist regroupment; the development civic nationalism in England, Scotland and Wales and its relation to secessionist politics within these nations; the possibility of democratic reforms under capitalism, such as citizen-initiated referenda and experiments in workplace democracy.]

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