Shot Thru the ♥

Shot Through The Heart Scrap Kit by Sleek and Sassy


I am using the art of Barbara Jensen . You can purchase this image at Erotic Artist Gallery.
Please do not use the same image unless you have purchased it and have the license to do so.

This tutorial is © Rebelle Doll Designs. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is unintentional.

I do not give a lot of instruction in this tutorial. You must have knowledge of PSP to finish it. It is a guide to your creativity. I just show you the techniques to get some of the effects in my tag. Be creative! That is what tagging is about. When you are done, your tag should look different then mine. Most of all have fun!!

1. Open your template and resize the canvas to 600 by 600
with the middle button pressed.

2. Go through each layer and copy and paste various papers
into each one.

3. Select each square in your frame back layer and c/p your tube
in each square. Use different parts.

4. On the two side tubes go to plugins>toadies>cyborg and play around
with the dials until you get something that looks good for your tube.
Sorry I can't supply the settings, it is different for each tube.

5. On the middle tube plugins>xero>cubism> Alcohol-46 outline-25 
outline style-None in layer palette change to layer property to screen.

6. Add a fat gradient glow in matching colors around your layers.

7. C/P your tube and fit it into the rounded rectangle behind the frame backs.
You may need to select the layer, expand selection by 5, flood fill layer, contract
by 8 and delete on your keyboard to make a little frame that goes around it so it
sits better. see my tag for reference. Duplicate your new frame, move it above the
tube and then erase the bits that cover the tube at the top.

8. Add elements of choice around tag and drop shadows. 

9. Add your copyright and name. I used Ginga which is a free font from Dafont.Com

10. Your done :)