Rebekah Berger

Artist Statement:


Painting and drawing are woven together in layers of images.  The chaotic energy drawn from a pool of shadows, stories both personal and collective, archetypes, fairy tales, and dreams spins a web of imagery in which we may lose our habitual boundaries and conventions.  The unconscious mind takes over, and the process of painting or drawing is akin to dreaming.  It is travel to many different spheres of being.  Seeking grounding in the Earth and our collective iconographic history as humans from all cultures, my search is primarily for a place of balance.  Through images, I strive to depict a new paradigm for humanity in which masculine and feminine energies are reassembled into a new form.  The female energies of Earth and chaos seek to incorporate the spiritual masculine energies of light and order.  The world currently struggles with increasing fundamentalism and a disrespect of our natural resources. We fall into a primitive behavioral vacuum, lacking cultural guidelines and rituals to guide us to a higher form of human existence. When we live from our minds and not from our hearts,  we fall into violence and decadence.  The time has come for a new way of being, and that way of being is guided by love and gratitude.  In this model, neither sex dominates or is dominated.  Power struggles become obsolete as each living being realizes that every being and every object in existence is connected, made of the same energetic substance consisting of light and love.  If a person hurts another person in this paradigm, he hurts himself.  The ego is dethroned, and knowledge is replaced by wisdom, which is knowledge tempered by experience.  Individuals look inward for growth rather than seeking expansion through power and attempts to control and exploit our natural resources.  We will live in a state of interdependence, in which we will consciously recognize that all that exists, both living and non-living matter, are all connected and of one substance and intelligence.  It is this process that I attempt to communicate through the matter, form, and images of my art. 
Art is a medium by which light, healing, joy, beauty, and energy are transmitted.  I strive to work with people to bring into visibility the scenes, objects, people, objectives of their heart's desire.  By making manifest the innermost heartfelt dreams of other people, I am contributing to expanding light and love in a world in which negative thinking and condition tends to be promoted in a constant and unconscious manner.  My life's goal is to increase love, joy, beauty, soulfulness, and grace in this world. 




oil on Belgian linen, wall paintings using a variety of media and glazes, multi-media, drawing and printmaking techniques


Pricing for Murals: Please call for an estimate.  Pricing for murals is based on the size and location of the wall(s), height of ceiling, cost of materials needed, amount of detail and complexity of job.  Mural price includes work and materials.  Rental of scaffolding (if needed) and transportation are not included.

Please find below for reference approximate cost by square foot:

 A more specific pricing chart will be added to the site (currently in progress).

(International Mural Pricing Chart):


The Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition


Miniature Street Art Series:

 I first encountered art as healing in an exhibition which has since traveled the world: "Art that Heals: The Image as Medicine in Ethiopia".  As a student in Paris, I worked at multiple national museums as guard, cashier, or coat-check.  A guard at this exhibit then showing at the Musee des arts africains et oceaniens at the Porte Doree in Paris, I was impressed by the healing scrolls created by Ethiopian doctors hundreds of years ago.  The idea that an image could be created specifically for a person and that by looking at this image, the patient would enter a trance and be healed made a deep impression on me.  Since then, I have learned tha images and thoughts have incredible power over health and well-being.  Images have the power to heal not only individuals but also entire societies.  A malaise can be manifested as a physical ailment, but it can also be a sign that we need to become aware of values and energies that have been suppressed.  This awareness is beneficial to all and helps us to grow. 

 I have always been drawn to matters of the soul and spirit.  When I was an art student in Paris, my teachers felt uncomfortable with emotional, personal, and symbolic content in art.  These expressions were discouraged and even taboo.  Symbolism in art cannot be separated from the language of the soul.  Our dreams use this language which emanates from the emotional centers of our brains, and it speaks of the eternal and primitive language of all human beings.  We understand these types of images through parts of our minds of which most of us are not aware.  Yet these images have deep impact and strong transformational properties.  Human beings need images and stories to remain healthy and creative.  It is our nature and our destiny to grow in our capacity to love ourselves and others and be creative, each individual with her or her unique gifts and talents.  It is my role to encourage this process with my art, however small. 

 I am interested in miniature street at as a discreet or "stealth" process of inserting my  ideas and images into daily life.  My art becomes a gift, bypassing the commercial process of marketing a product.  The art is really about bringing life to ideas and images to life without bringing attention to myself as an individual.  I feel empowered by the ability to share my art freely and playfully as an expression of generosity and gratitude rather than by accumulating a supply of works that I would otherwise be required to convince others to like and support in order to have a limited window in the world for them to be seen.  

Miniature paintings as street art: Subliminal Subversion  I create postage stamp-sized original paintings and display them in public areas where a wide variety of people would be able to see them, such as grocery store freezer cases, public restrooms, shop displays, or gasoline pumps.  The images and subject matter of the paintings are beautiful and intend to touch the viewer's subconscious mind.   Although the images are very small, the unexpected discovery of a precious painting in an ordinary situation triggers the viewer's desire to look inward and begin to explore his or her own perception of self and others with the current context of accepted conventions. 

Each of the miniature paintings (2" x 2") bear the following mention on the rear panel: 

"This original piece of art is my gift to you and to all people and is not for sale.  I entrust its care to you and ask you to leave it in a public place where other people can also see and enjoy it."  

Other texts such as short quotes, relevant personal insights and poems may also be attached to the back panel of the paintings.  The paintings contain images that are symbolic in nature, appealing to our intuitive senses. The viewer is involved in the art, which is entrusted to the care of the public.  The person who finds a painting can choose where he or she wants to place it for the next person to find.  The paintings may be sent to any country in the world for display. In the context of a gallery show, as the artist, I will select visitors to the gallery to take a piece of art and place it somewhere in the world, in a public place.

 If you find or see one of the paintings, please e-mail me a photograph of the painting with a short text letting me know the date and where the painting was seen.

Miniature street art paintings:




A prehistoric woman grips a sheep, riding rough waters of an ocean tormented by a powerful electrical storm.  Pulling back, we see multiple hirsute females stoically riding sheep on the wild waves.  Eventually, a coastal area appears on the horizon.  Intermittently illuminated by flashes of lightning, along the coastal area we glimpse a row of gray wolves baying at the moon.  The first prehistoric female approach the shore, soon followed by others.  Disembarking from the sheep, the females stand by as the wolves pounce on and devour the ovines, leaving the female hominids unscathed.  The wolves appetites sated, the canines then transform into hirsute, humanoid bipeds, standing erect.  Parity restored, the males and females embrace.  The storm subsides.


Media:  Miniature paintings on prepared chipboard, stretched canvas, or canvas applied to a magnetic surface.


Wall mural

Acrylic on plaster wall, Atlanta, GA

November 2010

Asian Tree Wall Mural: Satin Latex
August 2010

Details: Secret Garden Mural, Atlanta, GA

Secret Garden Mural, Atlanta, GA   April 2011


Non dit, Non lieu: My Words - You Don't Say

Oil and multi-media collage on linen,  67" x 59", 2005 

Bear Fruit: The Constant Variable

Oil, enamel and multi-media collage on cotton, 1m80 x 1m20, 1995


Eruption of Ear

Oil, aerosol, multi-media collage on linen, 1m95 x 1m80

Installation: Innocence & Experience, School 33 Art Center Baltimore Nov. -Dec. 2007


Paleface Pairs

Oil on linen, 1m70 x 1m30, 1998


Candyman Turnoff

Oil on linen, 1m85 x 1m30, 2000-2001


Trance Fusion

Oil on linen, 1m50 x 1m70, 2000-2001


Carte Blanche au Metissage: Global Swarming

Oil and multi-media collage on linen, 1m50 x 1m70, 2006


 Freedom Frights: French Can Can Win Win

Oil, multi-media collage and sewing on linen, 1m50 x 1m70 (59" x 67"), 2009


Stone Age - Old Dilemma,

oil, acrylic and multi-media collage on canvas, 36" x 28" , 2009

Purple State: GW and the Prima Donna

Oil and multi-media collage on linen, 57" x 69" , 2008


 Cavewoman in Love

Oil, sharpie and feathers on linen, 19 3/4" x 19 3/4" , 2009

 Bearded Lady

Acrylic, waterproof ink, synthetic jewels and Sharpie on canvas, 11" x 14", 2009


Soul Bucket 

Acrylic, waterproof ink, and Sharpie on canvas,  11" x 14", 2009


Emerging Goddess

Acrylic and waterproof ink on canvas, 12" x 12", 2009


Vierge Noire

Acrylic, waterproof ink & Sharpie on canvas,  12" x 12" , 2009

Gender Free Cabbage Rose
Oil, fabric, and multi-media collage on linen, 20" x 20", 2008



Ink blot drawing II

Waterproof ink on Bristol board, 4" x 6"





Ink Blot Drawing I

Waterproof ink on Bristol board, 4" x 4" 

Count the Rings

ink, stamping, gouache, sharpie on Bristol board, 2.5" x 2.5" 




La jeune fille sans mains

ink, sharpie, stamping, collage, acrylic medium on Bristol board, 2.5" x 2.5"










                                                                                                               Escape Hatch: ink, gouache, Sharpie         and collage on Bristol board, 3" x 2.5"

Where Were You?

watercolor ink, collage and gouache on Bristol board, 3" x 2.5"

 Bearded Lady, acrylic gouache and waterproof ink on Bristol                               Gaza Twins,  Waterproof ink and stamps on Bristol Board,

Board.  5 3/4" x 3 3/4"                                                                                             5" x 3 3/4"

Graphite drawing

Chloe, Harley & Buster, Graphite on paper




oil on linen, 29" x 21"


Mother and Son

oil on linen, 16" x 20"


Enemies Flag White

oil on linen, 19.5" x 28.75"



oil on linen, 15" x 18", 2007


Couch painting 3/4

oil on linen, 19.75" x 19.75", 2007


Recent Exhibitions:


 Atlanta Fulton County Public Library Gallery

Earthly Structures

March 30 - May 29, 2009


Dalton Gallery

All Small Redux (juried by Rachael Baldanza, Richard Gess & Lisa Alembik)

Agnes Scott College,

Decatur, GA

February 12-March 22, 2009


Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery

Occupation Artist (juried exhibition)

Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC

January 23-February 21, 2009 


B-Scared @ The B Complex Gallery

Opening night: Friday, October 1st, Halloween night

Show closes November 14, 2008

1272 Murphy Avenue SW
Studio 500
Atlanta, GA 30310
Trail Appointments: Diana & Jeffry 404-758-6092
Web site: 


Apache Art Cafe

Solo show: Cavewomen in Love

64 3rd St. NW, Midtown Atlanta

Tel: (404) 876-5436

November 3 - November 30, 2008 

Artist Talk on opening night, November 3rd at 8:00 pm


Colors of Life at the Wild Child Gallery

120 N. Wayne St., Monroe, GA 30655

Tel: (770)266-7437

Exhibition opening: Saturday, September 13, 2008, 7:00 pm

Show closed on October 30, 2008   


Recent Exhibitions:


Apache Art Cafe, Hedonism VIII

64 3rd St. NW, Midtown Atlanta

Tel: (404) 876-5436

August 11, 2008 through August 30, 2008

Artist Talk: Monday, August 25th at 8:00 pm


Decatur Arts Festival, Dalton Gallery - Agnes Scott College

Juried Show

Opening: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 from 5:15 pm to 7 pm

Exhibition dates: Wednesday, May 21 to Sunday, June 1, 2008 

Participated in Artists talk at closing reception, Sunday, June 1, 2008


Installation co-curated by Rebekah Berger and Alzaruba at School 33 art center, Baltimore  11/07 to 12/07 

Exhibition: Chercher l'Homme, Espace Paul Ricard, Paris, France

Irving Sandler Artist Registry, on-line portfolio

Face a l'art, Internet gallery, Paris, France

Artist resume:

Rebekah Berger



Curriculum Vitæ: Professional art experience





Baltimore, Maryland

Cork Factory lobby gallery

November 2005-May 2006



Ville de Clichy-la-Garenne, France

Galeries du Rutebeuf

January 24 – February 16




May 15 – June 15



Paris, France

Galerie Art et Patrimoine

April 24 – May 17





Decatur Arts Festival

Juried show

Dalton Gallery, Agnes Scott College

Decatur, GA

May 2008



Innocence & Experience: An Installation

Co-curated by Rebekah Berger & Alzaruba

Baltimore, MD

School33 Art Center,

November 10 – December 27, 2007


Baltimore, Maryland

School 33 Lotta Art fundraiser

April 21, 2007


Baltimore, Maryland

Cork Factory lobby gallery

Open Studio Tour Exhibition

October 2006 – Spring 2007



Baltimore: Gotta Have Art

Cork Factory Gallery Artists Show

February 12th, 2005




School 33 Open Studio Tour 2004

October 30th & 31st


Baltimore City Hall Artscape 2004 Arts and Entertainment District Exhibition



Chercher L’Homme

Espace Paul Ricard, Paris

Espace Mode Méditerranée, Marseille



·         L’Enfance de L’Art, Galerie Gérald Piltzer, Avenue Montaigne, Paris

·         L’Art en Tête,  Internet painting “salon”

·         Virtuel♥Réel, Espace Paul Ricard, Rue Royal, Paris

·         Salon Jeune Peinture, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris

·         Eclats, Galerie éof, Paris

·         Dialogues, Galerie Gérald Piltzer, Avenue Montaigne, Paris



·         Espaces Confluences, Boulevard de Charonne, Paris

·         Netdays Europe ’98 au Collège Vauquelin (le mardi, 20 octobre, 1998)

Artistic exchange via the Internet with middle school students in Toulouse



·         Eclats, La Réserve, Paris

·         La Biennale d’Issy, Palais des Arts et des Congrès d’Issy les Moulineaux

·         Figures et Paysages (Collection FRAC Ile de France)

CRAC Alsace, Centre d’Art Contemporain d’Altkirch, Haut Rhin

Manufacture des Oeillets, Ivry-sur-Seine

·         Traverse, Mannheim, Germany

·         Salon de Jeune Peinture, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris



Les Maîtres du Plaisir, Galerie Gérald Piltzer, Avenue Montaigne, Paris



·         Chicago Navy Pier Show, Galerie Gérald Piltzer, Paris

·         Travaux des élèves diplômés avec les félicitations du jury, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris



·         2nd Prize, Prix de Peinture Rocheron, April 1995

·         Prix Art Dialogue, September 1997

·         Prix Art Skin and Body, 1998




·         Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain d’Ile de France

Acquisition of Scaling the Free Zone, March 1996


·         Musée d’art Moderne, Céret

Yves Michaud: 25 ans de collection d’Art Contemporain – work on permanent loan at the Musée de Céret




·         L’Art Contemporain Francais: Nouvelle Génération: Cdrom presenting the works of 75 young artists, sponsored by Gérard Garouste, 1999

·         Connaissance des Arts magazine, December, 1997: Article written by art critic, professor of philosophy at the Sorbonne, and former director of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Yves Michaud.

·         Exhibition catalogue published by the Galerie Art et Patrimoine (Crédit Municipal, Paris).  Introduction by Yves Michaud.





Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris (Diplôme Supérieure d’Arts Plastiques avec félicitations du jury à l’unanimité)



Parsons School of Design, Paris (Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in painting)



Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD