Rebecca's Babycare Fees & Costs

For detailed information on Rebecca's Babycare charges please refer to the side bar buttons and click on the services that interest you and you family.
General Costs -
Childcare £30 -£55 per full day.
Childcare £3 .00 - £7.50 per hour
Babysitting £7.50 - £10 per hour.
Creche £5 per hour.
Buggy Walk - Free of charge.
Exclusive Childminding - Price on application.
Enrolment £10 per family.
Please contact me directly for further information or a personal package, as discounts are available if using more than one service.
Rebeccas's Babycare aims to provide parents with peace of mind and security while building a little community around you and your child. By charging an enrolment fee parents benefit by being able to provide vital information about their child during times of calm and relaxation, secure in the knowledge that at busy times, times of crisis or last minute appointments or even impromtu social events their child is well catered for. Providing quality care and entertainment for their child is many parents first priority, and the facility to enrol before booking any services provides this reassurance.
The benefit of enrolment for Rebecca's Babycare is that only parents who are genuinely interested in using the services now or in the future will enrol, ensuring that after the initial meeting all the time and energy is focussed providing quality services you and your child, and other families actively using the services.
Rebecca's Babycare Enrolment is £10 per family and covers all information relating to protecting your child, regarding medical issues, family preferences and emergency contact details, related policies and agreeing a personal package of services and the related fees.