Rebecca's Childcare and Childminder Services

Rebecca's Babycare is focussed on providing high quality childcare for parents with children under 5. Care is provided in a home from home environment in Kidderminster or in your home within Wyre Forest. Please view the options available and contact me for a personalised care plan and quote.
Childcare may be available for over 5's on request.

Christmas Shopping Creche in Kidderminster

posted Nov 5, 2012, 8:10 AM by Rebeccas Babycare   [ updated Nov 5, 2012, 1:17 PM ]

If you need someone to look after your children for a few hours at the weekend or for late night shopping, Rebecca's Babycare offers that service, either at Rebecca's or in your own home. If you need to get your hair done, attend a Christmas Event or shop for that special Christmas present and do not want your child to get bored, or see that surprise, Rebecca's Babycare will cover those awkward hours for you.
Please call or email for a personalised quote, even if it is only for an hour or two, no regular contract is required, short notice is fine,(subject to availability).

Quality Nurturing Childcare & Activities

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Rebecca's offers babies and young children a safe secure place they can spend time with and without their parents. As parents we are often so busy that we do not stop at our childcare providers after a settling in period has passed, and rely on written information for comfort.
The idea at Rebecca's is not only can you leave your child somewhere you are both comfortable with, you can also spend fun time there together with your baby weeks or months before they start, and at other times throughout your contract when you are not so busy. This way you may get to meet other parents and children that your child may play with during their week.
With fun activities also available you can be involved in your child's social life outside your home. With the babysitting service it is likely that your whole family will know your babysitter giving you more peace of mind during last minute work issues or much deserve social time.
If you have not yet had your first child, you get the chance to mix with other families while you wait for yours to arrive.

Weekend Childcare in Kidderminster

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Rebecca's Babycare Kidderminster offers weekend childminding that you and your child can enjoy, treating each child as an individual whilst offering a family home setting. Your child will be treated like a family member, joining in our family's activities and outings, whilst ensuring their daily needs are met, and their interests included.
Childcare will be provided an Outstanding Qualified Childminder and supported by registered and CRB checked assistants.
Regular and Irregular Contracts welcomed. Hours can be flexible to meet your families needs.
 Weekend Childminding is currently available, contact me on
 (01562) 747928 or

Parenting Issues / Development Plans

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Personalised advice is available to enrolled families, helping your family long term to move through each new development stage with ease.
When caring for your child at Rebecca's we can work together to devise a plan to help you child develop through their next stages, with ease. As your child moves forward , you can make sure that Rebecca's and your family/extended family offer a consistent approach to support and promote your child's enjoyment of new skills learnt and challenges faced.
Consistency is a key message when encouraging your child in new skills and also when discouraging areas of development that are not so desirable.

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