From 1980-2005 I used the ancient technique of knotted netting with resist dyed linen or cotton threads.

The ikat and braided resist processes separate color creating ambiguous or floating values, something that happens through the white space breaks.

I used linen and cotton because they are intrinsically structural and can be both bleached and dyed. This knotted work comprised a series of ideas involving time & space metaphysics, and symbolism.

The elemental characteristic of this work was structural, without mass and weight, on the edge of being physically supportable, a structure of transparent weightlessness.

Structure was achieved through the use of lines that became planes, at times parallel and layered, at other times connecting and intersecting perpendiculars.

Since 2005 my work uses digital prints on cotton or organza, embroidered with silk floss and/or glass beads.

The  work continues an earlier interest in spirals and mazes as well as  my visualization of the cosmos.

Through the materials and processes I am interpreting celestial maps, starlight, and galaxies.

Much of this work uses a box format because it contrasts the concept of containment with the limitless expanse of outer space.