The Best Management Tips on How to Lower A1C

A1C is basically a blood test to check the level of Type2 Diabetes over the past two to three months. This blood test is mainly conducted on patients with diabetes which give the doctors with clear picture about the diabetes management plan of the patients over the past 2-3 months. The scores of A1C gives the doctor an idea about the average blood glucose level of the person and the scores are reported in percentage for better understanding. So, the high the percentage, the higher the blood sugar level are, and hence the person with higher fluctuation in the A1C score is high at risk of complications associated with diabetes.

But, there are ways that can help people to lower their A1C scores naturally. With few changes in lifestyle, diet, meditation and exercises, one can easily bring the A1C score to normal range and the risk of hypoglycemia can be lowered. Below are some of the tips on How to Lower A1c.

Make Good Management Plan

You are required to pen down your goals as well as the challenges with management of glucose level. By creating your plan you will find biggest challenges which you need to manage. The plan must include everything that are good for diabetes management like exercises, weight loss, eating healthfully and coping up with anxiety and stress. Set a goal and put all your efforts to achieve it.

Tracking What You are Eating Daily

There are online tools which may use to record what you are eating daily and when you are eating. By keeping a track on your eating habits and foods which you are eating daily, you can monitor your carbohydrate intake and other nutrients which are helpful for management of diabetes.

Eat Healthfully

Ensure to consume less calorie that you burn daily with exercises and physical activities. Also you need to consume less saturated fat and processed foods. It is necessary to avoid eating healthy carbohydrates in a bid to lower your A1C score. Instead, you must replace the healthy carbohydrate with complex carbohydrate which is helpful in managing blood glucose levels. Ensure to include nutrient-dense carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, fruits and more, but keep the Serving size small.

Increase Physical Activity

You are required increase the level of physical activity to lower yourA1C score. You must workout daily for at least 20-30 minutes, especially after your meals. Ensure to create a workout plan that involves you physically for 150 minutes in a week.

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