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Interactive Timeline

Please follow the above link for a snazzy time line.  Otherwise, the following is a quick summary of some of the highlights.

 1914: Rubella is confirmed to be due to a viral infection, and also thus distinct from scarlet fever. The term "German Measles" is first used.

1938: EEV and WEV were first isolated from humans 

1941: Congenital Rubella Syndrome first identified by Normann Gregg after a rubella outbreak

1952: Sindbis isolated 

1962: Rubella Epidemic resulted in 30,000 still births and 20,000 deformities due to CRS

1963: RRV isolated 

1969: Rubella vaccine is licensed 

1972: MMR vaccine is licensed 

1984: Togaviridae family was split into three: Togaviridae, Flaviviridae, and Pestiviridae 

1998: New Zealand squashes Ross River Virus outbreaks by leading the eradication of the insect vector

2008: Chikungunya cases in Singapore following a series of outbreaks across the world (India, Australia, and Italy also witnessed cases)