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Important Facts about Togaviridae 

1. Toga is enveloped

2. Toga and Flavi Split

3. Alpha and Rubi

4. Teratogen CRS

5. Rubella Vaccine

6. Red Rash of Childhood

7. Arboviruses

8. Encephalitis

9. Febrile Disease

10. Eradication

  • Etymology of Togaviridae based on Latin “cloak,” referencing the virus’ envelope.
  • Togaviridae and Flaviviridae split due to differences in molecular biology
  • Two Genera: Alphavirus and Rubivirus, separated via differences in transmission
  • Teratogen: Congenital Rubella Syndrome associated with autism in children who’s mother was infected
  • Vaccine is available for Rubella as a part of the trivalent MMR, made of live, attenuated virus strain.
  • One of the Red Rashes of childhood, Rubella was a common viral exanthema in young children before the creation of the vaccine.
  • Toga Alphaviruses comprise group A of Arboviruses: arthropod borne viral diseases.
  • Encephalitis is caused by infection of the “roller coaster” alphaviruses: WEE, VEE, EEE, EVE
  • Febrile, polyarthritic disease associated with infection of the other alphaviruses (see intro page for list)
  • Eradication:  Rubella is effectively eradicated in the US due to vaccination.  Meanwhile, non human reservoirs prevent the eradication of many alphavirsues.