Becko Copenhaver

email: rebeccac (at) lclark (dot) edu

I specialize in 18th Century British Philosophy and Philosophy of Mind.  My work has focused primarily on perception and Thomas Reid, though my interests also include Berkeley, Hume, Smith, Hartley and other 18th Century British philosophers as well as memory, consciousness, imagination, aesthetic perception and other mental phenomena.

I also work on 19th and 20th Century Italian Philosophy with Brian P. Copenhaver (UCLA).  Our book From Kant to Croce: Modern Philosophy in Italy 1800 - 1950 is published by the University of Toronto Press.

My work has appeared in Philosophical Quarterly, History of Philosophy Quarterly, The Journal of the History of Philosophy, The British Journal for the History of Philosophy.

I am currently pursuing a number of editorial projects while working on two books.  Brian P. Copenhaver (UCLA) are writing a comprehensive history of Italian philosophy since the 18th Century.  I am writing a comprehensive treatment of Thomas Reid's philosophy of mind.

At Lewis & Clark College I teach the history of Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics and I teach in the College's first-year CORE course, Exploration and Discovery.

I teach within the traditional liberal arts tradition, in which broad and deep intellectual engagement is regarded as a good in and of itself independent of its practical uses. I encourage people to love the power of their minds. The mind, like the body, must be exercised and exercised through work. Philosophy is the most extreme of extreme sports. It allows us to expand our sphere of concern and focus less on our own narrow subjectivites.