Reasy Web Browser Extension - makes reading easy

Why do I want this Extension?

The intention of Reasy is to make reading the web really easy.
The Firefox extension will make a pop up for any text you select in Firefox and play it to you using Rapid Sequential Visual Presentation (RSVP).

Why is doing it this way a Good Idea?

There exists a similar extension named RSVP Reader, I had qualms about the UI and presentation, and so in the spirirt of open source development, made my own version, which I think is a big enough departure to at least be worth offering anybody the choice of one or the other.
It is quite influenced by the more fully featured standalone app Really Easy Reader. There is a very good explanation of the benefits of reading this way at the product website.

How do I use it?

Watch the quick video opposite for a short explanation of the features of Reasy and how to get the best out of the extension.
There has recently been an excellent short tutorial describing both versions of Reasy published at I Love Free Software

Anything else?

I have found that this plugin works in splendid harmony with CHM reader.
Please experiment with the live ink emulator. It is merely a very basic version of the presentation as researched by the developers of Live Ink software, their algorithm is founded much more deeply with the semantics and structure of the text one is reading, I have found that simply staggering the lines as you read them to work quite well on its own.

Thanks to Bernd Worsch who suggested this script for quickly opening and reading local files.


# cat textfile to firefox reasy speedreader plugin


#get filetype
filetype=`file $file | egrep -i "utf-8|ascii|iso-8859" | cut -d ' ' -f2`
echo $filetype

#todo: convert whatever to txt

#establish tempfile
## I mistakenly thought that we need to switch to html with paragraphs for reasy to work.
## That was wrong, it's just that html-tags will increase the counter used to check the
## minimum words requirement to startup reasy.
## I'll keep the enscript/sed transforms, maybe they'll turn out to be useful sometime.

#enscript -whtml -p- $file | sed 's/^$/<p>/' > $reasyfile # Variant A: html with p-tags
#enscript -whtml -p$reasyfile $file # Variant B: html
cp $file $reasyfile # Variant C: plain text

#recode to latin1
if [ "$filetype" = UTF-8 ]; then
recode u8..l1 $reasyfile

#open file in firefox
firefox $reasyfile

# cleanup tempfile
rm -f $reasyfile


I am in no way affiliated with any of the linked applications, merely an independent advocate. Reasy does not match up to the feature set of any of these applications, and it would probably be worth investigating them if you are looking for a more developed solution.


The Chrome version of the extension has just been uploaded, it doesn't have anywhere near as many features as the Firefox version, but I thought it was at least release-worthy.
Please add any comments or feature requests to the Reasy Issue tracker hosted on Github:

Issues at the old issue tracker are slowly being addressed


Reasy 0.0.1 Quick Tutorial

What's new since the video?

* Updated compatibility with FF4+.
* Changed some event handling that should avoid some sporadic useability bugs.
* Fixed installation problems with v0.0.9 - 0.0.13

* Fixed a few development whoopsies.

* Technical update to make 0.0.6 meet reviewer requests

* Trigger added to context menu
* Spacing for mult line reading
* Set wpm and fixation options to text colour for light backgrounds

* Add forward and backwards skip actions
* Option to leave text selected after reading is finished
* Add leading and trailing line opacity
* Split text on en-dash and em-dash characters

* Text is split using hyphens as well

* User-definable punctuation interval (default: 0)
* User-definable Action key to start, pause and play reader (default:  'r')
* User can switch off automatic presentation popup after selecting text (action key)
* User can dim web page in background to chosen opacity (default: 0)

* Presentation can be resized