This is a tutorial on using REAPER I am creating for my friend. He has been bothering me about it for a long time so I am sharing my knowledge. I will take you through how to make a pretty simple song using REAPER and Microsoft Windows (sorry mac people) and then hopefully you will be able to use the knowledge to make more complicated stuff. Download REAPER and install it and then have step 1 ready the first time you run it.

It takes a long time to learn this stuff and I will only teach you enough to get your feet wet. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND! I can't teach you to do what I do all in this tutorial, but I will try to teach you enough that it will be fun and not daunting for you to figure out stuff on your own. (I only type at like 30 WPM so this stuff takes a long time to make). As you go through this tutorial, pay attention to stuff on the way. It's like I am driving the car and pointing things out, but you will learn a lot if you just look out the windows and notice things for yourself. Go slow. Try to tweak the things I do and make them a little better or easier. The way I am telling you to do stuff in this tutorial is not the way I do it, it's just that the way I do things would be so complicated for a beginner that you wouldn't learn anything!!! Remember, I am trying to teach you enough that it will be fun to figure stuff out on your own. You have to eat an elephant one bite at a time.

If you are in a dorm room and you don't have any good speakers, you might want to use some good headphones.

I made this tutorial for REAPER v4.21. I make many of my own songs using REAPER which are posted here.