Tina the Athlete

 Tina was a sporty lass,
She won medals when she ran,
But after many blood-tests,
They realised she's a man.

 I know this technically isn't bad enough for Timmy poems, but this is Tina, and she's gonna be more sensitive right?

Anyone else read this article? It seems kinda weird to the uneducated, or even the educated, at first, but it led to a few thoughts in me: She obviously hadn't had a sex-change, because they'd have found that out with a test before she competed.

From the "abnormal chromosomes" reference the possible causes get narrowed down. Either she is XY with testerone immunity (doubtful from her masculine appearance) XXY (a relatively common genetic disorder) or Chimeric.

Going by her appearance, I would wager Chimeric as the most likely cause. Chimerism is fascinating to me, the idea that you can have more than one set of genetics governing different parts of your body. In a genetically engineered future I can imagine the power of chimerism being harnessed. As long as they keep the gonads viable-human (in case of societal collapse, or a desire for natural children) I can't see any problems with that.

Of course, this brings up another issue: Why do hardcore feminists accept the existance of female athletics contests? Do they not realise that having a female athletics is de facto stating that women couldn't win in the real athletics?