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A past future history

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HMS, section 15

15 But back in the Sol system,
They’re bringing war to us,
Manipulating gravities,
To fight back is a must,
We need to make new weaponries,
They send at us our asteroids,
We throw Wyrm-holes,
To no avail,
Voidlings won’t stall,
But we can't afford to fail,
Voidlings pass through Oort,
Attack the Kupier miners,
These are a powerful type,
We form new battle lines,
And seek ways to fight,
Then the Organites attack,
Consume those still in the Kupier,
But no-one truly realises,
‘Cause the Voidlings still attack out there,
And, of their remains, no analysis,
And mankind still tries to take,
The war back to the Voids,
Even while our worlds are pounded,
At by asteroids,
We think we’re hounds when we’re hounded,
Calling out for reinforcers,
They build exciting,
Ships with Grav rams,
The best form of fighting,
When you haven’t got effective weapons,
Just reeling back from all our losses,
The Organites swarm,
Brought into Sol’s shine,
By man’s own warships,
And they begin to grow, in time,
They’ll construct deep spacial dips,
But no-one finds out, man’s unwarned,
The war underway keeps minds,
Sheltered by concentration,
No thinking outside the fight,
The stable human world’s one nation,
One leader sees way to the light,
One leader of most humankind,
The Imperium of Man’s thus born,
From fiction into world,
As Terra’s sky falls in,
The active grav shield heralds,
A new age of defensive walling,
For them the dream’s stillborn,
The Voidling council,
Unable to simply breach,
Sol’s world’s guard-walls,
Decide to reach,
Further to make them fall,
Disrupt their supply trail,
The ships going,
From near worlds to Sol,
Were still just showing,
Grav from their hull,
Grav in their wake,
The great Centaurans,
First among colonies,
Hadn’t much endurance,
Fell to their knees,
They were forced back,
The colonies fell,
Or were forgot,
War didn’t go well,
Our outer worlds were shot,
Civilisation outside, left known was nought,
And while we were encased,
In bubbles of protection,
Our worlds felt embraced,
By the Organite infection,
While looking to the void,
Of all the suns,
Those that avoided the war,
Were the only ones,
That had civilisations soar,
Out of their solar system,