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Hypothetical of the day:

 While I find Jack Thompson's, (and other american activist's) arguments against the videogame industry where they call games "Murder Simulators", it does give me a convenient excuse to plug the, freely available, original GTA game. It, or rather GTA2, is far superior to that graphics-fest Vice City (the only facet of GTA3 I ever completed) in terms of pure fun-value. And it's funnier too.

Well, plugging that and I'm OK, possibly the wierdest premise for a game I've ever seen.


Personally, I must say, like many others I at first believed Thompson to be a puppet advertising games for the companies, but I've since encountered so much idiocy that I know that he's, unfortunately, probably a real person. (This is not to say that such a technique wouldn't work, it just doesn't seem necessary to fake an idiot when you can just supply one with fodder)

Enjoy your free murder simulator.