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I am going to start playing 1 hour blocks of new releases at random times.

Here is a schedule of the shows. There may be more added but this what I have so far.

Mystery album - One whole album. Requests welcome.
Every day at 8:00 pm eastern/5:00 pm pacific

Kill The Posers - Thrash Metal
  Everyday at 8:45 pm eastern/5:45 pm pacific till 11:00 eastern/8:00 pacific

These Blackened Temples - 2 hour long Blackened Metal Show
Monday, Wednesday, 6:00pm eastern 3:00 pacific

Into The Void - 2 Hour long Doom/Sludge show
Tuesday, Thursday, 6:00pm eastern 3:00 pacific

Heavy Metal Thunder - Heavy/Power Metal 2 Hours
Friday, 6:00pm eastern 3:00pm pacific

Eviscerated Souls - Death Metal 2 hours
Saturday, 6:00pm eastern 3:00 pacific

New Metal Sundays - All new releases from the current year.
Every Sunday

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