Podcasting With REAPER

This site contains resources to help out Podcasters with are ready to step into the world of using a real Digital Audio Workstation to edit and produce their podcasts.

I decided to put this site together after realizing how much time using REAPER for the Return to Northmoor podcast had saved me, and how much fun production was after I got the hang of it!

This video is my introduction to you of how to edit podcasts with REAPER:

Editing Podcasts with Reaper

Even though I've gotten a long way with REAPER, there is always more to learn, which is part of what makes it fun.  

And although the information on this site will get you up and going technically, in the end it's what sounds good to you that matters.  

Note that this site is focused on creating the audio files for a podcast, building a feed and getting people to subscribe to your show is a whole other topic!

Please feel free to contact me at northmoorpodcast (at) gmail.com if you have any questions or suggestions!


Tim White

Useful Links

REAPER Wiki Main documentation for REAPER...sometimes a little thin, sometimes a gold mine. 
REAPER Home Page Main site for REAPER Goodies! 
REAPER Manual Monsterous but crucial; be sure to pay the shareware fee! 
Home Recording For Beginners A print book by the guy that wrote the REAPER manual. Mainly music-focused, but covers many generally-applicable techniques. 
Item Properties Page on REAPER Wiki One of the most useful pages for podcasters. 
REAPER Newbie FAQ The very bottom has all the keyboard shortcuts for clip editing - invaluable! 
How to Render from REAPER to an MP3 From the Wiki FAQ. 
Item Editing from REAPER Wiki One of the most useful pages for podcasters. 
ReaComp Page from REAPER Wiki The Compressor is one of the most commonly used effects, especially for podcasters. 
64-bit LAME MP3 Encoder For REAPER x64 If you are running REAPER x64 under Win7/MacOS x64 like I am, you need this! 
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