Jennifer "JuJu" Music

Real You Adventure Facilitator

I give and receive love best through:
Being touched and being verbally affirmed.

I feel most supported by others when:
People are willing to trust my ideas and knowledge, but also call me out when I make no sense. Complaining is never helpful. I really like to know my role in the group. When everyone knows their role and cooperates, it is smooth sailing!

I work best with others when:
Full stomach.  Seriously. I'm extremely extroverted. I will power through bad weather or being tired just to be around other people, but if I'm hungry my manners go out the window. Also, if I feel a lot of judgement, I get uncomfortable and lose my focus.

I get stressed when:
I don't know wheat is being expected of me. When I'm being second-guessed as a leader.When I feel like a leader is doing a poor job. When I forget that this world is not my own. When I think I'm being disrespected. Loud noise stresses me out too!!

I resolve conflict best when:
Space! Truly, I generally forget about petty conflict within hours if I'm left alone to think and pray about it. Prayer is almost always the answer. CS Lewis said "I pray because I'm helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time- waking and sleeping. It doesn't change God- it changes me." 

I love:
Jesus. Beards. Theology. CS Lewis. My parents. Coffee. Biblical Justice. Shouting! Nature. Building Relationships. Fiction. Spaghetti! Deitrich Bonhoeffer.

I learn best when:
When I'm around other people in a peaceful, relaxed environment. I'm a frequenter of coffee shops. I also have an awful memory so I write everything down. All my books are full of writing and underlining. . Having something I can interact with is important too:- hands-on, physical activities are great- sitting silently was never my thing.

My energy tank is filled best when:
I get a routine. I THRIVE on routine. When I'm relying on the Lord. When there is a lot of work and I'm the one to do it. Also, exercise is important. And lots of water. Yum. Water!

I am best motivated to give my 100% when:
I'm certain that MY success is other peoples' success. I'm extremely uncompetitive when it comes to most things so doing well isn't a motivator for me. Along the same lines, when I can see how my part of the puzzle is important, I tend to take it very seriously.

My current struggle is:
Being too independent and even a little defiant at times. And controlling my language. General apathy has always been a struggle for me. Oh, and Lactose has always been a struggle for me.

My power word or phrase to counter my struggles is:
There's nothing left to lose! [See Galatians 2:19 & 20]